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Faster – ECO Gel Pen Set

Faster – ECO Gel Pen Set

Regular Price: RM 6.50

Member price: RM 5.85


Faster – ECO Gel Pen Set

-1Pc of Pencil Case

-1Pc of Time Table

-1Pc of Faster Smooth Writing Gel Pen

-1Pc of 2B Pencil

-2Pc of 0.5mm Gel Pen

-1Pc of Faster Eraser

-1Pc of Faster Correction Fluid


  • Best for student, school opens, back to school gifts, holidays, parties, and birthday gifts get everything in 1 package
  • Made of high quality material, suitable for kids, very convenient
  • Lightweight makes it a great choice for long trips, airplane rides, parks or at home