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OXFORD FAJAR – Kamus Dwibahasa Edisi Keenam (Dikemaskinikan)

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OXFORD FAJAR – Kamus Dwibahasa Edisi Keenam (Dikemaskinikan)

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OXFORD FAJAR – Kamus Dwibahasa Edisi Keenam (Dikemaskinikan)


Kamus Dwibahasa Oxford Fajar – English-Bahasa Malaysia/Bahasa Malaysia-English 6th Edition is a two-way bilingual dictionary designed for secondary school students. This new edition has been enhanced with 8 colour pages and more than 500 new entry words. This English-Malay section of this dictionary is derived from Oxford English Minidictionary, Eighth Edition published in the UK. This dictionary also contained many value-added bilingual supplements: List of Idioms, Istilah Sians; Istilah Matematik, Lima Organ Deria. Radas Makmal. Besides that, it is also accompanied by a Companion Website which provides additional material comprising of Language Tips (for both English and Bahasa Malaysia) and bilingual English-Malay ICT terminology for quick reference.