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蓝精灵经典故事:一颗魔法蛋 (The Magic Egg)

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蓝精灵经典故事:一颗魔法蛋 (The Magic Egg)

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蓝精灵经典故事:一颗魔法蛋 (The Magic Egg)


  • 乐乐和厌厌在精灵村外找到了一颗魔法蛋!他们发现只要在敲一下那颗蛋前许愿,愿望便会实现。真是个奇妙地发现不是吗?


  • Jokey Smurf and Grouchy Smurf have found a magic egg outside Smurf Village! They discover that whenever they make a wish before hitting the egg, the wish will come true. What a wonderful discovery or is it?