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蓝精灵经典故事:精灵村的运动会 (The Smurf Olympics)

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蓝精灵经典故事:精灵村的运动会 (The Smurf Olympics)

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蓝精灵经典故事:精灵村的运动会 (The Smurf Olympics)


  • 精灵村即将召开一场运动会,没有蓝精灵愿意和弱弱成为队友。当大家都在偷懒玩耍时,弱弱却在坚持训练,但效果很不明显。这时,蓝爸爸给了弱弱一罐神奇的药膏,并告诉他:比赛前只要抹上一点,就可以成功……


  • Smurf Village is going to organize the Smurf Olympics, but nobody is willing to team up with Weakling Smurf. When the other Smurfs are relaxing or loafing around, Weakling Smurf train hard, but he doesn’t see himself improving. Then Papa Smurf gives Weakling Smurf a pot of magic ointment and tells him, “smear a little of this on your nose and success will come to you…..”