STABILO – Exam Kit Grade 2B Pencil Set

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STABILO – Exam Kit Grade 2B Pencil Set

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STABILO – Exam Kit Grade 2B Pencil Set


  • Soft, dark lead for filling in multiple choice questionnaires confidently and clearly.
  • 2B pencils – for all exam papers.
  • Erase doesn’t leave any residue on documents.
  • Sharpener holds a large volume for long tests.
  • Superb quality examination graphite pencil.
  • Exam Grade: Special designed for objective sheet.
  • Darker: Easily read by objective sheet scanner.
  • Faster: Bigger 2.5mm lead for faster shading coverage.
  • Stronger: Minimum breakage and lesser lead flaking.
  • Economical: Bigger lead for longer-lasting pencil.
  • Matt surface finishing for non-slipping holding, even sweat during exam.
  • Available in 2B degree of hardness

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